Innovative Services based on Connected devices or solutions

PREDICAL SCIENCE is specialized on behavioral analysis to improve people confort and security.

Additional services for connected objects

Sensor manufacturers are developing their core capabilities by designing electronically robust and neatly designed products. They also want to create additional services to differentiate themselves.

Predical participates in the creation of innovative services based on data acquired in real time. This involves defining business indicators and setting up dashboards and alert systems to track them.

Improved customer satisfaction and retention

Monitoring de donnees

Whether for individuals or professionals, services or connected objects are sometimes not used and even abandoned. We are now talking about new obsolescence programmed by use while products are created to last.

By overseeing the entire chain of value creation, Predical allows operational teams to better monitor their fleet by being proactive and product marketing teams to better know and understand the actual use of their service or product. Users no longer receive false notifications from irrelevant data.

Valuation of historical data

Service Providers have been collecting and storing data for some years. They sense a potential valuation of these data without knowing how to implement it.

Predical works with the marketing and R & D teams to better understand this data, clean them up and make exploratory analysis for a business added value.

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They trust us

The artificial intelligence created by Predical has received financial support from the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) through the laboratory of excellence AMIES


Our research and development activities have enabled us to have the Young Innovative Company status in 2016


We are supported by the Public Investment Bank with funding in 2015 and then by a Responsible Innovation Assistance (AIR) in 2016


We are members of the CAP DIGITAL competitiveness and transformation cluster