Prédical Science - Artificial Intelligence Engine allows the learning of routines and detection of abnormal behaviours

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Allowing you to sell more Internet of things, subscriptions and build customer loyalty

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PREDICAL SCIENCE is for all companies that have data related to the behaviour of a person at home or away. It designs algorithms and relevant indicators to add functionality to an existing product (connected objects) and build customer loyalty with smarter services.

Predical has developed an artificial intelligence engine that can detect routines from the Internet Of Things (IOT).

We process sensor data (motion detectors, door opening sensors, temperature, brightness, GPS location …) which can be enriched with contextual data about a person or external data such as the weather.

The modeling of individual behaviours makes it possible to define indicators such as activity, typical route, food habits …. Then in relation to these habits we detect the diversions which can reveal abnormal behaviours against the routines.

This data is then available either via reports or via an API which can be integrated into your app on the go in real-time of the data being collected.

Our projects

Predical - téléassistance

PREDICAL protects the elderly living alone

Using artificial intelligence allows learning of routines and detection of abnormal behaviours.

From installing sensors in the home of the senior citizen, we understand their lifestyle and detect changes in their behaviour or abnormal situations that may suggest a fall. Solution developed and marketed by Predical.

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Fall prevention and detection with the Aladin lamp

DOMALYS has developped a connected lamp, ressembling a stick, it can be placed in different strategic areas of the home (living room, bathroom …). We recover the events captured by the sensors of the lamp and we develop intelligent indicators to show possible signs of concern before the person loses their independence. These prevention indicators are added to the app by DOMALYS to protect their loved ones, completing the fall detection shown by the light path.


Our team and our experts

Stéphane Besseau
Stéphane BesseauFounder
#operations #sales
Stéphane Moriaud
Stéphane MoriaudFounder
#sales #marketing
Olivier Audry
Olivier AudryCTO
#cloud #security
#IoT #infrasystem

Comité scientifique

Mathilde Mougeot
Mathilde MougeotAssociate Professor
#professor #CNRS
Fabrice Moriaud
Fabrice Moriaud
#PHD #chemistry
Didier Bresch
Didier BreschResearch Director CNRS

They trust us

The artificial intelligence engine created by PREDICAL has received financial support from the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) through the laboratory centre of excellence AMIES.


Our research and development activities have enabled us to have the official « Young Innovative Company » status in France in 2016.

We are supported by the Public Investment Bank with funding in 2015 and 2016.

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We are members of the CAP DIGITAL digital competitiveness and transformation cluster.


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